Celebrate National Mojito Day with Tabletop's Stacey Sprenz

North Carolina has some pretty hot days during its long summer months. Luckily, we have beaches not too far that we can escape to for a weekend, but what do we do when we can't head to the beach? We cool off and refresh with a deliciously prepared mojito. Thankfully for the Tabletop Team, one of our own is a cocktail enthusiast and kills the cocktail game at her home bar. Stacey Sprenz, our professional photographer, concocted (or should we say, con-cocktailed) a delicious mojito recipe just in time for #NationalMojitoDay on July 11th and it will have us believing we are lounging on a beach for the rest of the day. Dive in, cocktail lovers! 

Photography by Stacey Sprenz

Photography by Stacey Sprenz

Stacey's Mojito

1 ½ oz. rum*
1 tsp. sugar
3 small lime wedges
6 large mint leaves
Soda water
Lime wedge, for garnish

Pour sugar into the bottom of a cocktail shaker
Add lime wedges and muddle until limes are juiced and most of the sugar is dissolved
Tear the mint leaves in to small pieces and put in the cocktail shaker
Add ⅔ cup ice and shake vigorously for 20 seconds
Pour into a glass and top with soda water.  Stir gently to combine
Top with Crude Bitters Rizzo Bitters and garnish with a lime wedge

Note: Stacey likes to use Fair Game Beverage Company’s No’lasses or Amber Rum.