It's Time! Build a Better Website on a Budget

Just like everything else in technology, the process of building a website is vastly different than it was a few short years ago. I date myself by saying that I started building websites in the 1990’s when all we had was a default grey background and blue and purple hyperlinks! And, if we were lucky, we could place an image on the page. We were also designing static sites to perfectly fit typical computer screen dimensions and browsers. 

Today, we are looking at websites on multiple platforms, including all types of mobile devices. Therefore, it’s time to fully commit to responsive design, which allows websites to be more fluid in design and adapt to whatever size screen your customers are viewing the site from, whether it’s a laptop, PC, TV or mobile phone. 

Template sites allow for easier, more affordable website design by providing pre-made layouts that you can drop your content into and customize to make it your own. These template sites are generally easier to manage, keep content fresh, searchable (SEO) and up to date. These new websites generally work side-by-side and compliment your social media. They allow for event management, e-commerce, blog posts, newsletter sign ups and multiple other plug in options. They provide high end quality at a minimal cost and even allow you to change the whole look of the template style seasonally if you like! 

Recently, Tabletop Media Group helped a couple of North Carolina businesses update their older websites using templates from Square Space and Weebly. We were able to achieve stunning, organized and easy-to-manage websites for those clients. We worked with the Raleigh Durham Mobile Food Association (RDUMFA) to update their website, making it easier for them to manage in-house, provide important contact information for their members, list food truck events and use private chat boards to have discussions between association members. 

Another recent client for us included Sunburst Chef and Farmer. Their website was missing product information and now has the ability to update what produce is in season, what is available to their customers and where you can find their products. Using Weebly, we were able to create a more visual and informative site for them.

Both websites allow for easy updating while providing an engaging interface with their clients. The best part? Both were completed on a minimal budget and maximized high end quality. 

Got an out of date, tired website? Let us know how we can help you get started on a new look today!

Blog post written by Chana Lynn, website designer for Tabletop Media Group.