Over $5000 Raised for the Conservators Center Through Lions, Tigers and Beer!

Tabletop Media Group is excited to announce that our first ever Lions, Tigers and Beer event raised a total of $5007.62 for the Conservators Center. Despite the rain, the event was awesome and attendees really enjoyed the creative food and beer pairings from North Carolina's finest breweries and chefs. Special thanks to the wonderful folks from Mystery Brewing Company and the Conservators Center for collaborating with us and helping to put this event together. We hope you'll join us next year - stay tuned for the date!

Meanwhile, read the event recap below from Ra Lion, one of the animals who lives at the Conservators Center!

"If you weren't at Lions, Tigers, and Beer, never fear -- whoops, sorry for the rhyme!" says Ra Lion. "I saw everything that happened from the top platform of my enclosure, so I'll recount it for you...

Things were touch-and-go at first -- not because of anything the humans did, but because of the icky rain! A sudden storm passed over us right as we were going to set up the event. The rain was supposed to be farther north, so when it didn't spare us, the humans were surprised. But they thought quickly, and, after the rain passed, set up all the vendor stations inside the gift shop building. Visitors would chow down first and go on a tour of the park after.

And omigosh, there was SO much chow. I really only like chicken, and I'm not old enough to drink, but even I was impressed. Sorghum grain salad. Pork buns. Summer rolls. Venison. Curry. Ales and saisons!

By the way, Mystery Brewing made a special ale with my buddy Arthur Tiger on the label! Me and the humans tried telling Arthur, but he was soooo tired from all the partying. Ah, the life of a celebrity.

Overall...everything went brilliantly, from what I can see. (And lions are ALWAYS right -- duh!) I've never seen so many happy humans in one place. Community events like this are oh-so-stellar: they let us become BFFs with businesses and organizations all around us so that we can provide super exciting experiences for all the local humans. And those experiences help the Center forward its mission.

Thanks to all who attended, and all who helped us get the word out. Thanks, too, for Tabletop Media Group for putting this all together. And thanks to all the vendors who came: Mystery Brewing Company, Ponysaurus Brewing, Haw River Farmhouse Ales, Dingo Dog Brewing Company, Fullsteam Brewery, Pig Pounder Brewery, M Sushi, Traveled Farmer, Patria Food, Kimbap Cafe, and St. Jacques!

The humans took lots of pictures, by the way, and they'll be sure to get them up here and on Instagram within the next few days. You'll want to see all the fun, and maybe consider coming along next time if we hold this event again?" (Insert charming lion wink here.)

Original photo by Kevin Robinson.