Happy Mother's Day to the Tabletop Moms!

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for these lovely ladies! The Tabletop moms are strong, beautiful, and lovers of food (just like us). On this Mother’s Day we wanted to take the time to thank and introduce these wonderful women in our lives who have helped make us who we are today. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there. We adore you! ❤️

Jana: Mom of Kristen, our Founder


“My mom is a fantastic cook and I have so many memories of her delicious meals growing up. My absolute favorite meal is by far her Christmas dinner. Our family goes crazy for her beef tenderloin, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes. It's absolutely incredible! I love that my mom experiments in the kitchen. She has created so many dishes like a homemade broccoli-cheddar soup or baked salmon with her own unique seasoning, and when I ask her for the recipe she says, 'I'm not really sure I could recreate it, it's different every time!' I, too, now take this approach when I cook. Just follow your heart and taste buds! Thanks so much to my awesome mom for keeping us well fed and healthy all of these years, and inspiring my love of food.” - Kristen

Jean: Mom of Stacey, our Photographer


“My mom is the pie lady! She bakes the most delicious pies--my two favorites are strawberry rhubarb and lemon meringue. She knows the Betty Crocker oil pie crust recipe by heart and always makes a double batch because she never bakes just one pie! One of the best gifts she gave me was a recipe book filled with my favorite recipes (including pie!) that she has made throughout the years. She gave it to me when I got married.” - Stacey 

Deborah: Mom of Jorden, our Social Media Manager

jordens mom.jpg

“I love that my Mom is always there for me. She makes amazing Apple Cake and Fudge. Although I don’t really cook for her, we enjoy having chips, salsa, and margaritas together!” - Jorden

Nina: Mom of Megan, our Social Media Manager


“My mom is the world's best Grandma to our two kids Zoe and Thea. As they say, 'Grandmas are Moms with frosting.' Growing up she use to trick me with the foods I ate, and later I found out I was eating spinach in almost everything! She also makes the best supervisor in the kitchen. Years ago we started a tradition with my mom and grandmother where we would bake our birthday cakes together. And every year it ended up being me and my grandmother would bake the cake, and mom would watch and take pictures. My grandmother is no longer with us, but we have kept this tradition going... every year for my birthday she says 'lets bake a cake together,' but in the end I end up making the entire cake while she takes photos. The littles have joined in this tradition, and they take grandma's side every time.” - Megan

Alice Anne: Mom of Quinn, our Social Media Manager


“I know without a doubt that if I could pick my last meal it would be my Mama’s pot roast with potatoes and carrots. I love coming home from Raleigh to her cooking in the kitchen. Almost all of my favorite foods were made by her hands - including her deviled eggs that you see her holding in this picture. My mom owns a huge portion of my heart. I love her smile and her laugh, but most importantly, I love that she is my biggest fan and that she instilled the love of food and cooking in my sister and me.” - Quinn 

Cassie: Mom of Chana, our Website Designer


“We are transplanted Californians who landed ourselves in Winchester, Virginia back in the late 70's. One of my fondest food memories with my mom is of her prepping, canning and preserving peaches by the gallon! We grew up in the middle of a peach orchard and we were also surrounded by apple orchards as well. We lived on two acres of land and had a big garden in the back. My mom would often use other in-season fruits like strawberries and combine them to make the most delicious homemade jams and jellies. She would freeze peaches and preserve them in jars and we would have peaches to enjoy or give away all year long. She made peach and apple pies as well as peach cobblers and peach or apple crisp. She still bakes a mean peach /apple pie to this day! She is a loving mother of four and grandmother to seven and loves her whole family more than anything in the world. Happy Mother’s Day, mom!” - Chana