Sassool Launches New Menu and Grocery Items for Spring

Just in time for beautiful spring weather, Sassool Mediterranean Cafe is excited to announce the launch of new menu and grocery items. From the “kitchen sink” salad to pick-one platters, Sassool is doing a spring cleaning of their menu and making some delicious new changes.

The Pick-One Platter

Just when you thought the pick-three and pick-four platters couldn’t get any better, Sassool is releasing the pick-one platter. Pick your favorite item from the hot or cold case to design your very own platter. Of course, it’s still served with Sassool’s fresh baked pita bread.


Pita Doughnut

If you’re like us and wondering how pita bread could get any better, here it is! Sassool introduces the pita doughnut. All the same great flavor as the original, with a hole in it!


Kale Baklava

Looking for something a little healthy but sweet? Sassool’s kale baklava is a special for April only. Fresh, delicious kale sandwiched between layers upon layers of phyllo dough make for the perfect treat. Who says you can’t have your “kale” and eat it too?


The “Kitchen Sink” Salad

Sassool was inspired to create the “kitchen sink” salad for their customers who stand in line and just can’t decide. Here’s a salad that literally has everything!


Garlic Necklaces

Looking for jewelry to show that you have great taste? The garlic necklace is now for sale! Keep the vampires away with this new addition to Sassool’s grocery section.


Haha! Happy April Fools’ Day. The Sassool team is bubbling with personality and wanted to put together something fun that was inspired by this holiday. If you got a kick out of it, be sure to order one of these items next time you’re in ;)