Meet Tastefully Served + Turkey Meatball Recipe

We would like to introduce you to one of the newest Tabletop clients, Tastefully Served! Raleigh-based Tastefully Served provides delicious, seasonal and healthy meals, prepared by a professional chef and delivered for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home – at an affordable price. Your meals will arrive in special containers that can go in the microwave. Just heat and serve! In as little as 30-40 minutes, you can have a delicious meal that goes from microwave to table.


We are so excited that Chef Meredith, the owner of Tastefully Served, was willing to share her popular turkey meatball recipe! While enjoying a glass of wine and heating your chef made dinner, check Tastefully served out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Turkey Meatballs:


1# Ground Turkey
1 Egg
1 oz. Feta, crumbled
3/4 cup Old Fashioned Oats
1 Tbsp. minced Sun Dried Tomato
1 cup Spinach, sautéed
1 tsp. Salt


1 28 oz. Can Crushed Tomatoes
1 28 oz. Can Whole Peeled Tomatoes
2 Tbsp. fresh minced garlic
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil
1/2 cup Fresh Basil Leaves
Salt and pepper to taste


To make meatballs: Pulse oats in a food processor until finely ground. Squeeze the moisture out of the spinach by twisting in a clean towel- then chop. Combine turkey, egg, oats, feta, sun dried tomato, spinach and salt until all ingredients are evenly distributed. Portion into 20 evenly sized balls, place on greased sheet tray and cook in pre-heated 350* oven for 10-15 minutes, until internal temperature reaches 165*. Meanwhile, in a heavy bottom sauce pot, sautée garlic in olive oil until fragrant but not brown, about 1 minute. Add crushed tomatoes and whole peeled tomatoes (crushing the whole peeled tomatoes with your hands as they go into the pot) and simmer for at least one hour. Add basil and season to taste. Add meatballs and simmer for 5 minutes or so. Serve over pasta or zucchini noodles!