Friends of Tabletop: Meet Sriram and Sree of That Vegetarian Couple

Hi! Kristen here. I’m just so excited to continue our monthly series highlighting the many social influencers and bloggers who have become not only our colleagues, but our friends throughout our journey with Tabletop Media Group. Last month, we started a new series here on the #TabletopTalk blog called, “Friends of Tabletop.” We’re here to spread some positivity and highlight the bloggers + influencers who we enjoy collaborating with and who are so incredibly talented!

This month, we’re featuring the lovely Sriram and Sree of That Vegetarian Couple. Check out our fun Q&A with them both!

Photos courtesy of That Vegetarian Couple

Photos courtesy of That Vegetarian Couple

Tell us about That Vegetarian Couple

At some point it became well known in our friends and family circle for them to come to us for good vegetarian restaurant recommendations or even a simple recipe.

That gave birth to the idea of creating a joint Social Media account to not only share our experiences of various global cuisines both inside and outside the USA, but also as a platform to share numerous recipes that we come up with, not widely found in local restaurants, because we like adding our own twist to it!

The added bonus was that through these social media postings and events, we got to know some like-minded and equally hungry foodie fanatic friends.

Therefore people soon started referring to us as THAT vegetarian couple!

Why do you write about food?

Sree 1.JPG

We both think and dream about food all the time and absolutely love it!

We are also both foodies who love to cook and explore great local restaurants, ice-cream parlors, bakeries and hole-in-the-wall joints offering awesome vegetarian grub and sweet treats.

We don't limit ourselves to any cuisine, city or country in our explorations. Writing about food brings us joy and helps us not only share our journey as foodies but also exposes us to different cultures and cuisines that we would otherwise not be as aware of.

At the same time, we also like coming up with tasty recipes and dishes that folks normally wouldn't see at typical restaurants so we love sharing those with others also.

What are you currently reading?

Sriram: Currently reading "The Steel Kiss" by Jeffrey Deaver, and next up, "Dr. Sleep" by Stephen King

Sree: Re-reading the Harry Potter books

Sriram 1.jpg

What's your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Sriram: Tie between Pralines & Cream and Butter Pecan

Sree: I am currently craving Salted caramel (Honestly though, I love anything and everything ice cream, so it is hard to stick to a single favorite flavor).

What is your least favorite food?

Sriram: Anything that is under-seasoned or under-cooked!

Sree: Salads, especially the ones with lettuce!

What about favorite food?

Sriram: Simple salt-and-pepper pasta tossed with ghee OR anything that Sree makes!

Sree: A bowl of piping hot rice and daal (lentils).

Bar Order?

Sree 2.JPG

Sriram: Long Island Iced Tea

Sree: Old Fashioned

What's the most useful lesson you've learned from being a food blogger?

Sriram: No matter HOW hungry you are, you HAVE to spend some quality minutes taking those great photos!

Sree: Never limit yourself and keep pushing your boundaries. Also, hard work never goes out of fashion!

Sriram 2.JPG

What's your most unpopular opinion about food?

Sriram: I firmly believe that great vegetarian food needn't resemble or smell like or look like meat - but many restaurants feel otherwise!

Sree: I cannot stand the smell or taste of coffee - something that many people are still unable to believe.

If you could redo one thing in regards to your blogging / social influencer career what would it be?

To have put more effort into it in the initial days and adding more blog posts regularly. We did not have much of a strategy when we started and dived right in. We are still learning to find that balance and are constantly learning.