Friends of Tabletop: Meet Leslie Heigh of SobeSavvy

Hi! Kristen here. I’m just so excited to continue our monthly series highlighting the many social influencers and bloggers who have become not only our colleagues, but our friends throughout our journey with Tabletop Media Group. Last month, we started a new series here on the #TabletopTalk blog called, “Friends of Tabletop.” We’re here to spread some positivity and highlight the bloggers + influencers who we enjoy collaborating with and who are so incredibly talented!

This month, we’re featuring the lovely Leslie Heigh from SobeSavvy. Check out our fun Q&A with Leslie!

Photo by Linda Nguyen

Photo by Linda Nguyen

Tell us about SobeSavvy. is a lifestyle blog created by me, a Mom/Wife who shares savvy ways to living your best life! Family fun, food, travel and events are just some of the topics you'll find on the blog. Variety is the spice of life, so my features for brands and businesses cover a multitude of topics. I enjoy creating content, photography and sharing videos of my experiences on social media to give readers a visual beyond the blog.

Photos courtesy of Leslie Heigh, SobeSavvy

Photos courtesy of Leslie Heigh, SobeSavvy

Why do you write about food?

Food is truly a feast for all senses and so fun to write about! In my opinion, food is a universal language. I write about food to share what I enjoy in the hopes of being an inspiration for what others can enjoy. I also want to be a resource of where to go and dine to find delicious food.


What are you currently reading?

Becoming (again) by Michelle Obama. I say again because this is my second time reading this book by one of the most influential women of our time. I am drawn to real stories and people sharing their truths so reading non-fiction books and biographies are my jam!

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Strawberry! I especially love ordering it from Raleigh Rolls located inside of the Morgan Street Food Hall. They add fresh strawberries (and any variety of mix-ins) for you to create your own favorite combo of flavors and roll it in their ice cream!

What about favorite food?

I love all things SEAFOOD! I am from Baltimore, MD and the first words I probably learned to say were "steamed crabs.” The Chesapeake Bay is known for its seafood but so is North Carolina. I had the pleasure of going on an educational farm tour and joined a group of bloggers to experience northeast North Carolina. We were invited by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services to experience the diversity of eastern North Carolina including cucumbers, white potatoes, wine, beer, brats and my favorite: SEAFOOD!

Bar order?

This is a hard one because it really depends on my mood. I enjoy a good craft cocktail and am drawn to ingredients used to create the drink. For example, if I see a drink featuring mango, I am most likely going to try it. I can narrow it down to anything that begins with “M”: margaritas, moscow mules, mimosas, martinis and more! I also enjoy a good glass of wine. Check out some of my favorite bar orders (and also drink recipes) on social at #SobeSavvySips. I also have a category on my blog dedicated to spirits and beer here.


What's the most useful lesson you've learned from being a food blogger?

Natural light is best. If you have the opportunity to showcase a food or drink item outside or in natural light, take that photo!

If you could redo one thing in regards to your blogging career what would it be?

Picking a name that is not location specific ("Sobe" is short for South Beach where I used to live and got my start as an event blogger) and keeping the name consistent across all social platforms. I had an Instagram account before I had a blog and did not create one for the blog until the last year or so. We live and learn!