Celebrate #NationalBaconLoversDay with the #TabletopTeam!

What’s that smell? It’s BACON. 🥓 The #TabletopTeam loves all types of food; however, one thing’s for sure… we have a very special place in our heart for BACON! We have several clients who specialize in this crispy delicacy so naturally, we had to share a blog post on #NationalBaconLoversDay to show our love. Here are our favorite places to get bacon, our favorite bacon dishes, or our favorite recipes using bacon.

Kristen Baughman, Founder

“I'm obsessed with the bacon from The Butcher's Market! Their candy apple flavor is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. You literally just pop this bacon into your oven for a few minutes and it turns out to be crispy around the edges. This bacon just melts in your mouth! Bonus: it's made with Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork’s pork belly!”


Jorden Yeargan, Social Media Manager

“While it is not on their menu, I was able to try my favorite bacon dish at a Tabletop photo shoot. Chef Jake Wood from 18 Seaboard made this dish with fresh figs and blueberries, which were amazing paired with the thick cut Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork bacon. Also, I am a huge fan of anything on a bed of goat cheese! I got to watch Chef Jake Wood whip it up in the kitchen, so that makes the dish feel even more special than it already is.”

Photography by Stacey Sprenz, Tabletop Media Group

Photography by Stacey Sprenz, Tabletop Media Group

Amanda Morris, Graphic Designer

“My favorite bacon is at the North Carolina State Fair from Bubba's Bacon. They have bacon on a stick, bacon-wrapped grilled cheese, bacon mac & cheese...you name it. If you get something from there, plan on sharing with someone. It's just too much goodness for one person.”


Chana Lynn, Website Designer

“I LOVE a great BLT sandwich and my go to is at Sola Coffee cafe in Raleigh!”


Quinn Carlton, Social Media Manager

“My favorite bacon dish is just a simple bacon, egg and cheese sandwich on toast with lots of Duke’s mayo. When my sister and I visit my parents in Duplin County, my mom always makes us one of these before we head back to Raleigh. She uses Smithfield’s thick cut bacon because it supports a lot of farmers where we’re from.” 


Stacey Sprenz, Photographer

“My favorite bacon is from Firsthand Foods. I love a good bacon grilled cheese sandwich.”


Zayne Taber, Business Developer

“My favorite bacon dish is definitely a Merritt’s Grill BLT in Chapel Hill. This sandwich is a game changer. I recommend the single though, the proportions have to be just right.”


Megan Taber, Social Media Manager

“The hickory smoked bacon from Banyan Cafe and Catering in St. Petersburg is one of my favorites! If you ever find yourself visiting the Sunshine City, I highly recommend making a pit stop. We love to order a side of it to devour or you can order one of the many dishes they serve it in. My go-to is their breakfast sandwich on Cuban bread, which includes bacon, eggs, white cheddar cheese and spinach - sure to be your best meal of the day, and so filling!”