Celebrate Halloween with the #TabletopTeam!

Halloween, a time to dress up however we want, or when we were young, a time when our parents dressed us up however THEY wanted. This Halloween, the Tabletop Team is reminiscing on the days when Halloween meant eating as much candy as humanly possible. From Star Wars to Sesame Street, we’re sharing our favorite Halloween throwbacks.

Stacey Sprenz, Photographer

Stacey_Halloweeen_Photo (1).jpg

“This is a photo of me and my sister - Halloween 1980.  I'm Luke Skywalker and she is Princess Leia. I love how most of the costumes back in "my day" were homemade.”

Kristen Baughman, Founder


A young Kristen, dressed as an adorable nurse circa 1991.

Quinn Carlton, Social Media Manager

image1 copy.jpeg

“This is when I was 6 and I was a cat for Halloween. My mom shut my cat tail in the door getting out of the car and it made me so sad - given my facial expression!”

Chana Lynn, Website Designer


“My teenage daughters are now 18 and almost 17 (a college freshman and a junior in high school), but they have always loved Halloween and especially when they were younger they would always come up with clever homemade costumes on their own.”

Emma Hollar, Intern


“My whole family dressed up as Sesame Street characters that year. My parents were Bert and Ernie, I was Elmo and my brother (apparently not in costume) was Count Von Count.”