Welcome to Tabletop Media Group

Hey, y'all!

Kristen Baughman here. You may know me from Gadabout Food or as the past Visit Raleigh food blogger. After spending two years in New York City, I'm packing my bags and heading South (and it's not just for the winter). Being away from family, friends and the food that you love is quite challenging. Bring on the chicken biscuits, pimento cheese and collard greens! I'm a true Southern gal.

Those aren't the only reasons why I'm returning to my roots; I'm launching a boutique media agency called Tabletop Media Group serving clients in the food, beverage, agriculture and lifestyle industries. While living in New York City, I discovered how important community is to both my personal life and professional success. I've curated an amazing team of men and women, each who bring a variety of skills to the table. Don't worry, they love food and drink almost as much as me!

We look forward to launching this summer and please sign up for Tabletop Media Group updates.